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    At Tree Access, the two most sought after reports are Health and Condition Reports and Arboricultural Impact Assessments.

    • Tree Access can provide an Arboricultural Impact Assessment Report for $770*, which also includes assessment of the first tree with all subsequent trees being $55* each. Once the site data has been collected, there is a 10 day turn around for all reports.
    • For $550, Tree Access can complete your Health and Condition Reports which includes assessment of the first tree with all subsequent trees being $55* each. There is also a 10 day turn around for all reports once the site data has been collected.

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    Do you need a Health and Condition Assessment for a tree removal permit or an Arboricultural Impact Assessment to apply for building development approval? Tree Access can help!

    Our team at Tree Access, operating out of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, knows that one of the perks of living in our beautiful country is our great expanse of trees from residences to businesses to public buildings like schools and government offices.  It is vital to ensure that the trees around your property are in good health, not just for the health of the trees but for the safety of those around.

    A Tree Health and Condition Assessment is sometimes required by Council to approve tree removal or significant tree pruning works. This report is a comprehensive evaluation of the tree to identify any current hazards and determine a risk rating for the tree. The arborist will thoroughly assess the condition and safety of the tree.

    Tree Access is an award-winning business for a reason.

    Services from diploma-qualified arborists, you will not find anybody else in Melbourne’s east that can provide a more knowledgeable and thorough assessment on the health and condition of the trees on your property.

    Do you need a Planning Permit to remove trees from your property?

    You very well might! There are a number of state and local laws in Melbourne that protect trees. These laws are upheld and prosecuted by your local Council. Many native trees and some significant non-native trees are covered by legislation and you will need to apply for a council permit to remove, damage or destroy any tree that is protected.

    An Arboricultural Impact Assessment is required by your local council to approve significant building or development works on your property. This report evaluates the trees within your property boundary and on neighbouring properties if the trees are within close proximity to the development works, and flags individual trees for retention, pruning or removal.

    Your architect or builder can then finalise plans around trees to be retained.

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