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    Arborist Report

    Do you need a Health and Condition Assessment for a tree removal permit or an Arboricultural Impact Assessment to apply for building development approval? Our arborists are ready to help!

    We will provide you expert advice and support throughout the council permit process.

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    “Dale and Siobhan were excellent to deal with supporting us all the way through our council permit process. When it came time to remove our trees, Dale and his team were fast, efficient, precise and very professional. I HIGHLY recommend Tree Access (Vic)!”

    - jenh424

    Do You Need a Permit to Remove Trees from Your Property?

    You very well might. There are a number of state and local laws in Melbourne that protect trees. These laws are upheld and prosecuted by your local council. Many native trees and some significant non-native trees are covered by legislation. You will need to apply for a council permit to remove, damage or destroy any tree that is protected. For further details about trees and local council click here.

    Local laws are specific to the council zone you live in and change over time. Our arborists can give you up to date and relevant advice about council regulations in your area.
    Arborist Report

    Tree Pruning Might Require a Permit Too

    You may be surprised to learn that council may require you to submit an application for permission to prune trees on your property. Different councils have different rules for tree pruning, so it’s best to visit your local council website to find out about the regulations in your area. An arborist report will outline the proposed pruning works in context to the health and safety benefits for the tree.
    "Absolutely brilliant service, professional, hard working, efficient and good communication. Highly recommend.”

    - Jannih

    Impact Assessment

    An Arboricultural Impact Assessment is required by your local council to approve significant building or development works on your property. This report evaluates the trees within your property boundary and on neighbouring properties if the trees are within close proximity to the development works, and flags individual trees for retention, pruning or removal.

    Your architect or builder can then finalise plans around trees to be retained.

    Health and Condition Assessment

    A Tree Health and Condition Assessment is sometimes required by council to approve tree removal or significant tree pruning works. This report is a comprehensive evaluation of the tree to identify any current hazards and determine a risk rating for the tree. The arborist will thoroughly assess the condition and safety of the tree considering such factors as:

    • tree species
    • structural defects
    • past mistreatments
    • soil condition
    • proximity to power lines
    • proximity to houses and other structures
    • disease
    • pests
    • decay
    • exposure and prevailing winds
    Arborist Health & Condition Assessment

    Tree Management Plans

    A tree management plan is developed for public areas such as parks, schools, sporting facilities and commercial properties. The objective is to retain mature and significant trees, whilst reducing risks to the public. Management strategies are developed and put into place which may include:

    • pruning
    • cabling
    • bracing
    • treatment of pests and diseases
    • soil conditioning
    • removal of trees which pose an unacceptable risk
    • alteration or repurposing the surrounding area to reduce safety risks

    An effective tree management plan helps keep the community safe, whilst protecting the beauty of our natural environment for future generations to enjoy.

    "Dale was a pleasure to deal with. He turned up on time and took care in the job at hand. They were polite and worked hard for a solid 5 hours. They cleaned up at the end of the job and delivered on what was required. I highly recommend this company and will be using them again in the future.”

    - stevenb937

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