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    Difficult Tree Removal

    Some trees are more difficult to remove than others. Large trees, leaning trees, damaged trees and trees that are growing very close to houses and power lines present additional challenges and require specialist know-how and equipment. Tough jobs are our specialty! We are ready to help.

    “Received a quote today after Dale inspected yesterday afternoon. The tree was removed this afternoon. Prompt service and very reasonably priced. Would not hesitate to recommend this business. Very happy customer.”

    - simoneh829

    What Makes a Tree Difficult to Remove?

    There are three main things that make a tree difficult to remove:

    • access to the tree and access around the tree
    • size of the tree, and
    • condition of the tree (including tree death)
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    Tree Access

    Trees that are located beside houses, fences or other structures or too close to power lines are difficult to remove. This is both because getting equipment and machinery close to the tree can be challenging and because the tree must be taken down very carefully in order to avoid sections falling and damaging the structures underneath.

    In the case of a tree growing close to or over power lines, additional safety precautions must be put in place to avoid damaging the lines and putting people at risk. Sometimes, the power supply must be turned off while tree works are in progress.

    Other types of access problems include steep, sloping land around the tree, an extreme lean in the tree or difficulty moving equipment and machinery through narrow property entrances. These variables create challenges that may require more time, and specialist equipment and expertise to overcome.

    Tree Size

    Bigger trees mean more branches, more wood, and more debris to clean up. The size and type of a tree is one of the important cost factors in tree removal. This is because more time is required to remove and process the materials from a bigger tree, and from different types of trees.

    For example, the wood from a Eucalyptus globulus (Southern Blue Gum) is heavier and takes longer to remove and process. Palm species has a high moisture content and the fibrous wood can easily clog machinery. Populus sp. (Poplars) have the tendency to fail unexpectedly and Pinus radiata (Pine) has very sticky sap. All of these variables can increase the difficulty (and price) of a tree removal. Different types of trees also wear equipment faster and require more trips on the ground to clear away leaf litter.

    “Removed huge palm tree: Reliable efficient competitive and extremely polite highly recommend.”

    - janinem528

    Tree Condition

    Tree failure can occur all of a sudden such as during a storm, or over time from disease, pest infestations, and rot. Damaged or failing trees are often more difficult to remove than healthy trees. Loose branches or cracks in the tree may require an emergency response to prevent falling limbs or the collapse of the whole tree. Emergency tree removal may require specialist equipment and working in more difficult conditions – variables which can increase the difficulty of the job and the time taken to complete the work.

    Dead or partly dead trees can be unbalanced and behave in unpredictable ways. Sometimes, just part of a tree dies and rots away. The dead section of the tree becomes a lot lighter than the live healthy part and can sway, drop branches, or fall in unexpected ways. Safely removing dead or damaged trees requires specialist know-how and experience.
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    How Do We Remove Difficult Trees?

    With great skill and lots of care! Our qualified arborists and fully trained staff have many years’ experience in difficult, dangerous and challenging tree removal situations. We will plan and execute an effective and safe tree removal strategy for the most challenging circumstances. We have the right team and the right equipment for these jobs. This means we can complete difficult works in an efficient manner, saving time and effort – and best of all, saving you money!
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    “I needed two 25m plus Messmate gums removed from my backyard and the stumps grubbed. I had 6 quotes done as I had never needed to have trees removed before, so therefore had no idea of the costs.

    I started with the common ones, like Jim's Trees etc. and also some local ones to my area. I put a shout out on a local Maroondah notice board and Tree Access were recommended. I contacted them and they came out that week and quoted me. I was amazed at the quote as it was significantly cheaper that the other 5 I had received. I booked them in for 8am start on a Saturday.

    Two guys, Dale and Tom, turned up just before 8 and got to work. The two trees were down, cut up into firewood sized lengths, and the rest mulched for us to keep for the garden and all this by mid afternoon.

    Dale then came back later that same day and grubbed the stumps for me. I also had an 8m tree fall down in my front yard in the week before they came out and for a little extra cash, they mulched all of that for me too.

    Dale and Tom were both very professional and knowledgeable, and cleaned up the site afterwards. I would highly recommend Tree Access for any of your tree removal or arborist jobs. I know that if needed, I will be using them again.”

    - Zukaarimoto

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