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    Emergency Tree Removal

    A tree falling over, splitting or dropping a large branch onto your home or property can be a pretty scary and traumatic experience. We’re ready to help.

    Tree Access will respond quickly to make your property safe and prevent further damage. We’ll then expertly remove damaged limbs or entire trees and clean up debris.

    The team was a pleasure to deal with. They turned up on time and cleaned up after a long day. They were polite and careful not to damage the rest of the garden or property. One of the trees was in excess of 30mtr and 2mtrs from house so not an easy job. I highly recommend this company.”

    - mandyb65

    Why Expert Advice Matters

    A fallen tree, or an unstable tree, is a dangerous tree. Knowing how such a tree is likely to respond to different weather conditions and removal efforts is crucial to avoid further property damage. That’s why only a qualified arborist can give you all the relevant facts and the best course of action for emergency tree removal. Our arborist will carry out a risk assessment as soon as we come to your property.

    Tree removal emergency

    The All Important Clean-Up

    Once the tree is removed, Tree Access will bring in clean-up equipment as required, such as bobcats, excavators or tipper trucks. Using the right tools for a speedy and thorough clean-up is an important way for you to get back to your life without the messy reminder of the fallen tree on your property. We will remove the wood – unless you would prefer to keep it for firewood – and mulch up smaller branches and debris. You are also welcome to keep the mulch for your garden beds, otherwise, we will remove it.
    Storm clean up

    How can you help prevent tree emergencies?

    Speak to one of our arborists about any questions or concerns you have about the trees on your property. We can provide you with a written assessment of any trees which may pose a future threat to your house or garden. Actively managing the health and wellbeing of trees through pruning and soil conditioning may help prevent future issues. Our arborists can also advise on removing unstable, unhealthy, ill-placed or otherwise dangerous trees on your property.

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