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    Storm Clean-Up

    When a big storm hits, the thunder and lightning can be frightening and worrying – especially if you have large trees close by. Tree Access can quickly respond to assess and clean up storm damage. We will safely and efficiently remove fallen or damaged trees, prune ripped branches or limbs, and help remedy trees that can be salvaged.

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    Melbourne Storm Damage

    In recent years, storm events in Melbourne have become more dramatic and destructive. A large storm in October of 2016 brought down many trees across the state, especially in the Dandenong Ranges. Over 120,000 households were temporarily left without power and the clean-up works took many weeks. If you have large trees on or near your property it makes sense to know what do after a destructive weather event, and how to prepare in advance to minimise damage to your property.
    Storm Cleanup Melbourne

    Evaluating Tree Damage

    Our arborists will carefully inspect the trees on your property. Fallen trees will be safely and cleanly removed. Trees with critical damage may also need to be removed for your safety. If a tree has experienced limited storm damage or stress, we will make a careful evaluation and recommend the best course of action to save the tree. Some of the factors we look for to determine if a tree can be saved after storm damage include:

    • Tree Health: Is the tree basically healthy and intact? General good health significantly improves a tree’s prognosis.
    • Tree Crown: Trees need their canopy of leaves to make food. If more than half of the crown has been lost the tree may struggle to recover. If over half remains, then chances of recovery are good.
    • Structural Integrity: Are the major limbs still intact? Trees need a solid frame to balance their weight. If a major limb has been lost, this could point to a structurally compromised tree. However, if only smaller, non-critical branches have been lost, then the tree has a much greater chance of success.

    Repairing Storm Damaged Trees

    If a tree has experienced some storm damage but is basically in good health, is structurally sound, and has retained most of its crown, then chances are good the tree can be saved. Our arborists will customise a treatment plan for your storm damaged trees which may include some of the following techniques:

    • Wound Repair: Ripped branches are carefully sawn off and torn bark may be removed. These wound sites are ideal entry points for rot, fungal infections, and insect infestations. The tree will heal itself once correct pruning back to natural targets has occurred in line with Australian Standards.
    • Corrective Pruning: Branches may be selectively removed around storm-damaged sections to help redistribute the weight of the tree, and to allow more light and air to circulate while the tree recovers.
    • Cabling and Bracing: These installations help support poorly attached limbs and branches, making the tree safer and more resilient to future weather activity.
    • Straightening, Staking or Guying: Smaller trees that have been partly uprooted may be salvaged by corrective staking and support if the tree is corrected immediately after the damage has occurred.

    Storm Clean-Up and Insurance

    Insurance companies have different rules and cover for storm-related clean-up. Call your insurer to find out exactly what you are covered for and how to lodge a claim.

    How to Prepare for Bad Weather

    Speak to one of our arborists about how you protect your property before the next big storm hits. We can conduct an on-site tree risk assessment to evaluate your property and establish a risk rating for individual trees. This valuable information can then be used to treat or remove any identified problems, which could save you from major damage or risk your safety during bad weather.
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