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    Tree Lopping

    “Tree Lopping” is a bit of a tricky term. It can mean different things to different people. Sometimes, “tree lopping” is used to describe either complete tree removal or significant tree pruning to reduce the height or weight of a tree. A “tree lopper” is sometimes a term used to describe an arborist.

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    “Efficient and Friendly Service. Great quote and the boys were able to do the job straight away. It wasn't a complex limb fall area but they were careful not to damage other trees in the vicinity and were highly professional. They even cleared our driveway for access (even though it wasn't part of their brief). Highly recommended and very happy with the results. Thanks Guys!!!”

    - juliec127

    What is Tree Lopping?

    In our industry, when we hear the term “tree lopping” we think of something a bit different to tree removal and tree pruning. We use the term to describe a very aggressive tree cutting technique that indiscriminately removes the canopy and major limbs of a tree.

    Tree lopping and other unsafe heavy cutting practices create big problems for trees. Unskilled tree works increase the risk of tree diseases and decay, and unstable new growth that is unsafe and more likely to drop. Tree lopping does not comply with current Australian Standards and could expose you to legal issues and ongoing costs.
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    Tree Lopping Harms Trees

    Tree lopping involves the heavy and often excessive cutting of stems and branches close to the tree trunk. Loppers are not qualified arborists and do not have the training to cut at natural targets such as collars or branch bark ridges. The wounds that tree lopping creates are more likely to attract decay, bacteria and fungi leading to tree rot.

    Tree lopping puts the tree under enormous stress because the sudden loss of a large volume of foliage means the tree cannot create enough energy and food through photosynthesis. The tree uses its stored energy to try to rapidly grow new foliage. This new “emergency” foliage is called epicormic growth and it is not as stable as the original, slower growing and more securely attached limbs. If the tree does not have the energy reserves to regenerate lost foliage it can die.

    Loosing too much foliage, too quickly, also leaves the tree exposed to excess sunlight which damages the bark and leads to the formation of cankers, branch failure, and even tree death. Yes, trees need to be sun smart too!

    Tree Lopping is Not Effective

    Tree lopping is sometimes performed to remove weighty overhanging branches and reduce the overall height of a tree. This is thought to decrease the risk of falling branches and tree failure. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Aggressive tree cutting makes trees less – not more – safe. It makes branches more likely, not less likely to fall.

    Lopped trees produce a mass of vigorous new epicormic growth in an attempt to rapidly recover their ability to produce energy. This new growth forms near the surface of the old branches, rather than deep within the structure of the tree. The new buds eventually grow into branches and form a canopy, however, epicormic growth is not properly attached to the tree and these branches are much more likely to be unstable and drop compared to the original, lopped branches.

    Lopping will require ongoing attention and expense to remove the unstable new growth, and sometimes a tree cannot recover from the trauma and must be removed completely.

    Tree Lopping is Non-Compliant

    Tree lopping does not comply with Australian Standard AS 4373 – 2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees which covers tree pruning and management. This standard was written to protect people and property from ineffective and dangerous tree cutting techniques.

    If you allow trees on your property to be lopped, you could be legally liable for any damage, injuries or loss of life caused by falling branches or tree failure.

    Safer Tree Pruning and Tree Management Practices

    Luckily, there are effective tree pruning services and tree management techniques to maintain and improve the health of your trees. Our arborists are professionally trained and have years of experience in safer, sustainable and legally compliant methods to achieve the results you are looking for.

    Get the right advice now and save yourself the headache and expense of trying to fix a badly executed, dangerous and non-compliant job.

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    “Dale and the team were very professional, knowledgeable and provided excellent service when conducting limb reduction on our property. As it is a yard with difficult access, we were amazed with how easily the team undertook this difficult work. Very reasonably priced and we will certainly be recommending Tree Access to friends and families (and will certainly use them again). Thanks guys!”

    - FW

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