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    Tree Removal Cost

    How much does tree removal cost? This is, understandably, one of the first questions we get asked. Because every tree is different and each property is unique, the answer will depend on a number of factors. The cost of tree removal will be worked out based on what resources (human labour and equipment) are required and how much time is needed to complete the job.

    Below, we’ve outlined some of the important factors we consider when quoting a tree removal job. However, for a fast, accurate and free tree removal quote, please get in touch today!

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    Factors Effecting Tree Removal Costs

    Tree removal requires expert know-how, the support of a professionally trained crew and specialist machinery. The cost to remove a tree can vary greatly depending on a number of factors including:


    • The type and condition of the tree
    • The size of the tree
    • The position of the tree and how difficult it is to access
    • How close the tree is to power lines
    • Ground conditions and the size of the drop zone

    When speaking to a tree removal professional, it’s vital to make sure the quote includes all the parts of the job. Things like equipment hire, council permits, wood and debris removal, mulching, stump removal and site clean up should all be included, if relevant. Otherwise, you could run into unexpected costs you haven’t budgeted for.
    tree removal cost

    Type and Condition of the Tree

    The type and condition of the tree can affect the cost of removal in a number of ways. Firstly, some types of trees are protected and require council approval to remove. Our arborists can advise you about the rules in your area and organise a report and application to submit to council.

    Secondly, some types of trees are more time consuming and challenging to remove than others. Quercus sp. (Oak) trees and Eucalyptus globulus (Blue Gums), for example, are more difficult to remove because the wood is so heavy and solid.

    Finally, the condition of the tree may also affect the cost to remove it. A strong healthy tree may require more time and effort, and a tree that is dead, dying or rotten may require additional bracing to secure the tree.

    Size of the Tree

    The height of the tree and the diameter of the tree trunk are important cost factors. Larger trees are generally more time consuming to remove and produce more wood debris and leaf litter. This needs to be cleaned up and transported away or can be cut into manageable sized pieces for you to retain. The diameter of the trunk is also a key factor in determining the cost to remove the remaining tree stump.

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    Position of the Tree

    Access is another important variable that determines the cost of tree removal. Access means the distance from the base of the tree to where machinery and equipment, such as a cherry picker or wood chipper, can be parked. Access also refers to the distance the tree is located from houses and other buildings, and whether there are branches overhanging these structures and the size of the useable drop zone.

    Easy access means cost savings because the tree can be brought down faster, and the site clean up and debris removal are easier. For this reason, some creative solutions, such as temporarily removing a fence, could be considered to improve accessibility.

    Proximity to Power Lines

    Our arborists are fully trained and authorised to work close to all types of power lines. This is a dangerous task and should not be attempted by an unqualified and inexperienced person. If your tree is close to power lines, extra care and specialist equipment may be needed – which will be reflected in the price.

    In most cases, the power will not have to be turned off while we remove your tree. However, if a power outage is required, we will assist you through the process with your service provider.

    Arborist cost

    Tree Stump Removal Cost

    Once the tree is removed, tree stump removal costs are primarily determined by the diameter of the stump, access to it, and the type of wood. Cupressus sp. (Cypress), Pinus sp. (Pine) and Liquidambar styraciflua (Liquid Amber) stumps are usually more expensive due to their extensive root system or hardness of the wood.

    Other factors which may be reflected in the stump removal cost are the condition of the ground (especially if it is stony), proximity to gas and water pipes, and the presence of builder’s rubble under the soil.

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