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    Tree Stump Removal

    Get rid of tree stumps for good, and reclaim flat, usable space! Tree stumps are not only unsightly, they attract pests, fungus and rot, and can be a trip hazard. Removing them gives you a clean slate to landscape, pave or replant the area.

    “Dale and his team did a fantastic job at removing 3 trees and stumps from our block. Highly recommend- we would use their service again.”

    - elisat733

    What are the Benefits of Stump Removal?

    Firstly, removing the tree stump entirely is the best way to guarantee that once a tree is cut down it won’t grow back. Trees can be very hardy and determined to survive. If you don’t remove the stump entirely, new growth can start to appear. Eventually, the tree could regenerate from the stump. This could mean further expense in the future when you need to cut down (again) a tree that you have already paid for to be removed.

    Secondly, removing the tree stump lets you take control of your space. If you would like to re-plant, grow lawn, create a garden bed or pave the area, you’ll need to level the ground first. We’ll remove the trunk and root material to 300mm below ground level, then rake the grindings back into the hole. Over time this area will compress and flatten. Eventually, it will be ready for your next garden project.

    Thirdly, removing tree stumps helps minimise pests and unsightly decay in your garden. A trunk takes a really long time to decompose naturally. Sometimes decades. During the decomposition process, the tree stump becomes an ideal breeding ground for termites and other pests. Decaying tree stumps also attract fungus and rot.

    Finally, a tree stump is elevated above the ground. This creates an ongoing trip hazard for family and visitors to your property. Tree stump removal is the easiest and safest course of action to remove this risk.

    “From start to finish, Dale was incredibly helpful and professional. He came out to quote whilst I was at work as it's hard for me to get away, had a quote to me quickly and was able to begin the work within a week of me confirming. The work was completed as quoted and the site was left clear upon completion of the work. I would have no hesitations in recommending Tree Access to others.”

    - stephenl907

    Stump Removal Costs

    The cost and total time required for stump removal is determined by a number of factors. These include:

    1. The diameter of the tree stump: Generally, the wider the diameter the higher the cost of grinding. The diameter of the trunk is measured at the widest part of the base of the stump (where it meets the ground, not where the cut was made).
    2. Access to the tree stump: Removal costs are minimised if stump grinding equipment can easily reach the tree stump. Narrow access, sloping land, navigating around structures and lack of space will make the job more difficult and time-consuming.
    3. Type of tree: The type of tree or wood can also play a factor in the cost. Harder woods such as Pinus (Pine) or Liquidambar styraciflua (Liquid Amber) can take longer to grind away.
    4. The condition of the soil: Digging through stony ground or buried builder’s rubble will slow down the machines and create disruptions and delays. This may impact the final cost of the job.
    5. Pipes, cables and other unwelcome surprises: Stump grinders can’t distinguish between tree roots and other materials. They will also grind through water and gas pipes, and underground cables. The greatest care is taken to minimise damage, however unexpected situations can occur which result in delays and additional costs.
    “Prompt service and reasonably priced. The boys did a great job. Very professional, did everything as per quote. Very happy. Would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”

    - michelef283

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