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    Tree Pruning

    Keep your trees healthy, safe and looking great with regular tree pruning. Pruning promotes new growth, prepares fruit trees for an abundant crop and helps maximize sunlight into your garden.

    Overgrown trees can interfere with your driveway, bang on your roof or get in the way of power lines. Our arborists are ready to safely remove excess growth without harming the long term health and safety of your trees.

    "Dale and the team were very professional, knowledgeable and provided excellent service when conducting limb reduction on our property. As it is a yard with difficult access, we were amazed with how easily the team undertook this difficult work. Very reasonably priced and we will certainly be recommending Tree Access to friends and families (and will certainly use them again). Thanks guys!”

    - FW

    Get Expert Advice from an Arborist

    Only a qualified arborist can provide expert advice about the best tree pruning and management techniques for your trees.

    We will give you valuable information about pruning techniques including when to prune and how to avoid making many common mistakes which can lead to disease and even tree death. A tree is a complex, living structure that needs the right care to stay healthy.
    Tree Pruning

    Tree Trimming

    Removing branches from trees to manage their growth and shape is often called tree lopping. Incorrect lopping can be extremely detrimental to the health of the tree leading to disease, ongoing health and safety problems and even the death of the tree. It’s important that the correct branches are removed in the right way to avoid these problems. An unhealthy tree not only looks unattractive; it creates a danger to your family from falling branches or tree failure.

    Tree Access makes sure trees are trimmed in accordance with the needs, age and size of the species, and to achieve the result you are looking for. We will comply with all council regulations in your area relating to tree trimming, and all our work fully complies with Australian Standard AS4373 – 2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees.
    Melbourne tree pruning

    Formative Pruning

    Take control of your trees in the early stages of development and enjoy the benefits for a lifetime! Formative pruning of young trees will help them grow with vibrant health into well-shaped mature trees with good branch structure and limb formation.

    Getting the right advice and skills at the start will prevent problems with your trees in the future, and avoid the time and costs associated with managing overgrown, unhealthy trees on your property.

    Fruit Tree Pruning

    Regular pruning of fruit trees will pay dividends in the summertime when your fruit trees reward you with a bumper crop of delicious home-grown produce. Winter is the ideal time to lavish your fruit trees with the attention they need to produce a reliable crop and good size fruit. Pruning also helps keep fruit trees at a manageable size, making it easier to reach and harvest your fruit.

    Tree Access will give you valuable advice on how to keep your fruit trees in top shape with seasonal pruning and care tips. We will remove dead and diseased wood, and cut back branches that grow vertically and cross over. It is also important to thin out the tree canopy to let sunlight and air enter and circulate freely. This helps prevent disease, rot and pests setting in to spoil your harvest.

    Tree Care Service

    Tree Access provides full tree care and tree management services including:

    Weight Reduction and Canopy Reduction

    Older and more mature trees with dense foliage often benefit from some weight and canopy reduction to maintain the long-term health of the tree. This is not only a great investment in the ongoing health and safety of your trees, it’s also a great way to let more sunlight into your property and improve the aesthetic shape and structure of your garden.

    Wood Removal

    Trees will naturally shed dead branches from time to time, especially some common native species. These branches can be incredibly heavy and cause significant damage to your property. Falling branches also pose a threat to your family, pets, and neighbours. To protect people, animals, and property it’s very important to safely remove these branches from trees before they come down unexpectedly.

    Tree lopper
    “Very professional. Quick to respond and to book in my tree trimming. Good team that was polite, fast and cleaned up well afterwards. I can comfortably recommend them.”

    - christinew22

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