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    Tree Services

    If you need a tree assessment, tree care services, or complete tree and stump removal – our qualified arborists are ready to help!

    We offer a full range of tree services performed skilfully and efficiently to minimise disruption and maximise safety; including:

    "Dale and Andrew are very pleasant, well mannered, well presented and very happy to follow customer requirements/directions. Their workmanship is efficient, neat and tidy. Damage to garden plants was nil. We have no hesitation in recommending them and their work.”

    - irene-and-brian p

    Tree Removal

    Tree Access removes trees of all types and sizes across Melbourne. We put safety first and work effectively and efficiently to remove trees with minimal disruption to you and your property. 

    Find out more about our tree removal services here.

    Tree removal
    “Professional and polite, offered a fantastic service from great advice during the quote right through to an efficient removal and clean up at the end of the job. Will be recommending them to my friends and family.”

    - annettem140

    Stump Removal

    Complete tree stump removal gets rid of unsightly stumps and the root structure underneath to at least 300mm below the surface. Take back your space and avoid the pests, termites and mold attracted to rotting tree stumps.

    Find out more about our stump removal services here.

    Tree Pruning

    Effective tree pruning reduces the height and weight of trees, lets in more light to your property and stimulates healthy new growth. Freshen up your garden, remove branches overhanging your roof or driveway and keep trees healthy and beautiful with regular pruning.

    Find out more about our tree pruning services here.

    Tree pruning service

    Tree Cabling and Bracing

    Cabling and bracing provide structural support for trees at risk of splitting or collapsing. Bracing a weak stem allows the tree to distribute the weight of the canopy in a way which is less likely to cause tree stress or structural failure – especially in times of severe weather.

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    Tree Pest and Disease Control

    Tree pests, such as destructive beetles and bugs and larger critters like possums, can damage trees on your property. Damaged and stressed trees don’t look their best and can pose a danger from falling limbs or total failure.

    Our qualified arborists have a wealth of knowledge and experience about the best treatments for specific infestations. We’ll help rectify the problem and also look into longer-term prevention strategies to ensure the ongoing health and beauty of your tree.

    For possum problems, we can install guards or bands around the trunk or major branches of the tree to stop possums nesting and grazing.

    Tree pest control

    Speak to an arborist about the best plan
    for your tree by calling
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    Arborist Reports

    Only a qualified arborist can provide legally recognised arborist reports. Health and Condition Assessments provide information about the well-being of the tree and related safety considerations. Impact Assessments document the effect of development projects on high and medium retention value trees.

    Arborist reports may be required by council to evaluate requests to remove trees over safety concerns or to make way for new building developments.

    Find out more about arborist reports here.

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